July 4th Idyllwild Parade

Members made the harrowing trip up California Route 74 to join in the 4th of July Parade.  Having successfully navigated the washed-out portions of the highway, the members settled in and began preparing their Model As for the parade. 

 A great parade and fun time was had by all.

On June 14th the club traveled to the Vista Montana Senior Living facility in Hemet,  providing the residents an opportunity to come out and view our cars and relive some of the good old days.  Vista Montana provided lunch and a good tome was had by all.

Dennis Jenison came up with the idea to go on a mystery tour.  He was the only one that knew the destination.  The club members jumped at the idea.

Eleven club cars made the approximately 50-mile trek and ended up at the Wooden Nickel Ranch.  Thankfully, we didn't lose a single car to mechanical failure this outing.

The ranch owner was to meet us providing a tour of the ranch and out-buildings, but unfortunately, didn't make it.   We had a GREAT time anyway.  A picnic lunch at the ranch and good fellowship with club members was had by all.


The Club was asked to help in this year's Film Festival by providing transport of festival dignitaries to the Hemet Theater.  The club transported approximately 100 folks to the theater.

Some of our member cars were:  A very rare 1926 Ford Model T Woody Station Wagon, 1937 Ford Coupe, 1946 Henney Hearse, 1931 Model A Town Limo (custom by Jim McComas), and Model As ranging from 1928 to 1931.  Below is a a link to a "YouTube" presentation:


2019 Kick-Off Run 

Onto Calimesa for breakfast at the "Crown Village Clock Tower" and a stop at the "Play Toys" classic cars lot in Redlands. We started out with 11 members and 2 guests, Roy & Carolyn Koch visiting from Canada and six member cars.

Club members were Dave & Rosie Cassou, Jim McComas, Dennis & Ruth Jenison, Pete & Dianne Altice, Darrell & Sharon Grangaard, and Ed & Faith Westendorf. 

Before we left the parking lot in Hemet, Pete & Dianne’s car overheated when they drove in. Pete drove it home to get his vehicle to meet us at Crown Village, and Dianne rode in Jim’s Limousine along with our guest, Roy & Carolyn Koch. Before we reached Landfill RD on 79, Dennis & Ruth’s Model A’s timing belt went out. They called AAA and said for us to go on, for a total of 4 cars for the cruise. We had breakfast at Kafe Royal and we took our time since the Clock Tower King & Queen were not working.

We drove North to Play Toys Classic cars and enjoyed looking at the vehicles & their cost. As we headed back to Hemet, we stopped for ice cream cones/sundaes at McDonalds.