Hemet, California

Hamburger Bash - North Mountain Middle School - San Jacinto

March 7, 2020

The club supported the North Mountain Middle School's Annual Hamburger Bash.   Event proceeds go to the Unified School District of San Jacinto.  

A very good turn-out was obvious and lots of inquiries about the 5 member cars that attended; especially from the school kids.  We may have instilled a fascination for the vintage classic cars with the kids.  The future will tell. 

We all had a good time.


2020 - Edelbrock Foundry Tour (our kickoff event for 2020)

February 20, 2020

Our kickoff event for 2020 was a tour of the Edelbrock Foundry in San Jacinto.  One of our members works for Edelbrock and was gracious enough to arrange a tour of the foundry.  Edelbrock is well known for their engine performance add-ons.  If you've built a street rod or engine for racing, you know full well of Edelbrock's reputation.  We learned how a mold is made and witnessed the creation of engine heads, Intake and exhaust manifolds, superchargers, and various other engine components.  Even parts for an irrigation system.  The tour was both educational and fun.  Thank-you to our tour guides and Edelbrock for hosting the Cruisin A's.

After the tour we all went out for lunch at Little Italy in San Jacinto.  A great lunch and service.  Thank-you to the Little Italy staff for making us feel like royalty. 

2019 - Hemet Christmas Parade

It was a cool and rainy day.  But six club members braved the questionable weather and represented the Cruisin' As in the annual parade.

Surprisingly, many valley residents also braved the weather and a good time was had by all.

T.H.E. Center's Third Annual Veteran's Day Car Show

The Cruisin' As had two vehicles in the Veteran's Day Show.  Several valley-wide car clubs took part in the show.

2019 - Brookdale Senior living - auto show

The club. once again, took part in the Brookdale Senior Living Center's auto show.  We entered seven vehicles and won two of the four "BEST IN SHOW" prizes.  Our President, Dave won with his 1936 Henney Hearse. and our newest member, Al won with his 1932 Oldsmobile.

Some other clubs that attended included the Valley Cruisers and the Axle Draggers.

The folks at Brookdale provided entertainment, coffee, donuts, and a boxed lunch.  The club had a great time.

Members made the harrowing trip up California Route 74 to join in the 4th of July Parade in Idyllwild.  Having successfully navigated the washed-out portions of the highway, the members settled in and began preparing their Model As for the parade. 

 A great parade and fun time was had by all.

On June 14th the club traveled to the Vista Montana Senior Living facility in Hemet,  providing the residents an opportunity to come out and view our cars and relive some of the good old days.  Vista Montana provided lunch and a good time was had by all.

Dennis Jenison came up with the idea to go on a mystery tour.  He was the only one that knew the destination.  The club members jumped at the idea.

Eleven club cars made the approximately 50-mile trek and ended up at the Wooden Nickel Ranch.  Thankfully, we didn't lose a single car to mechanical failure this outing.

The ranch owner was to meet us providing a tour of the ranch and out-buildings, but unfortunately, didn't make it.   We had a GREAT time anyway.  A picnic lunch at the ranch and good fellowship with club members was had by all.


The Club was asked to help in this year's Film Festival by providing transport of festival dignitaries to the Hemet Theater.  The club transported approximately 100 folks to the theater.

Some of our member cars were:  A very rare 1926 Ford Model T Woody Station Wagon, 1937 Ford Coupe, 1936 Henney Hearse, 1931 Model A Town Limo (custom by Jim McComas), and Model As ranging from 1928 to 1931.  Below is a a link to a "YouTube" presentation: